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March 21, 2009 posted by Mike Puchol

The news are out! We can finally disclose what we have been working on during the last few months - completed the acquistion of Whisher in mid-January.

Logo is the logical progression for Whisher, as it combines the best domain possible for a WiFi-related service, our mature client and backend technology, and their experienced team which brings on board business development and marketing experience, as well as US-based operations which can help us grow considerably. We already have exciting deals in the pipeline which will soon be announced.

We would like to thank our fans, our users, our investors, and even our critics, for all their help, feedback, input and support during these three years. With your continued help we can now make grow way further!

Below is a short FAQ on the deal.

Q. What does this mean for Whisher users?

A. Whisher users don’t need to worry about service continuity. Simply download the new plugin, available at Uninstall your current plugin (Mac users, remember to reboot after you remove the Preferences Pane), and install the new one, entering your current Whisher login & password. uses the Whisher technology for its backend, website and client plugins.

Q. What happened to our shared hotspots, and the maps?

A. The reason the maps have been offline for the last few weeks is that at one point we had to switch our database over to the servers, and thus the maps started working at We also have a WiFi directory at The hotspots you have shared are all safe, and available under your account at - nothing has been lost.

Q. Will you be offering premium WiFi access?

A. Right now will concentrate on the social aspects of sharing. Control who you share with, add as much free WiFi hostpots to the community, and promote interaction between users. Eventually, we will start offering access to commercial and premium hotspots through per-minute and subscription models.

Q. Why hasn’t there been much activity around Whisher during the past few weeks?

A. We have been asked this many times, and we even read comments on other blogs that we were about to shut down - nothing further from the truth! What we have been doing is working extremely hard with in order to bring the new service online as quickly as possible. We are a small team, and thus we could not dedicate enough resources to developing Whisher at the same time.

Q. What happens with the Whisher team?

A. Mike Puchol joins as CTO, while Ferran Moreno and David Douek both go onto other exciting enterprises, about which we will soon hear great things about. You can find out more about the new team at com at

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Whisher update - new XP WiFi plugin available

September 9, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

It has taken a few weeks, but finally we have a new release of the XP plugin with a brand new driver which fixes many of the issues our users have been seeing. These issues could cause crashes or connectivity problems, but we’re excited to report that the new driver is working very well. Due to this driver update, some users may see the WiFi manager appear to freeze while connecting to a network, this should be fixed in the next few days. The manager is not actually freezing, it’s just the GUI not refreshing. Download the new version here. As always, feel free to get in touch with us if you spot a bug, or would like to see something changed!

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Whisher plugin for Windows update 0506 released

May 7, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

We are excited to announce the release of an updated version of the Windows Whisher plugin, with many fixes and improvements, most of which affect the stability of the plugin. Most notably, we have corrected various issues affecting login at commercial hotspots, after our extensive testing and certification at the WeRoam labs, and fixed various memory leaks and crash conditions.

Additionally, the account creation process has been streamlined by moving it to the Whisher web site. As an innovative feature, once you create your account on the website, it will be automatically applied to your Whisher plugin, so you don’t even need to enter the details in the user preferences.

Go ahead and download the update!

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New Mac OS X Whisher plugin released

April 25, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

We’re glad to announce that we have made available for download a new version (04/10) of the Mac OS X Whisher plugin, compatible with Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5). We have fixed some issues affecting compatibility with Tiger and PPC machines, plus some fixes on connectivity to commercial hotspots.

The Whisher plugin, as can be seen in the screenshot below, adds additional useful information to the standard Airport menu, and enables you to seamlessly connect to commercial WiFi hotspots with a universal currency, WiFi Out.

It also makes sharing your WiFi and connecting to other shared WiFi hotspots easy! Simply click on the ‘Share this WiFi…’ menu, fill in the details about your hotspot on the web form, and you’re set:


(Click on the image for a larger view).

If you would like some free WiFi Out credit to test at our network of over 60.000 commercial locations, such as airports, hotels and coffee shops, drop us a line at As always, suggestions and comments are welcome!

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WeRoam and Whisher complete WiFi roaming agreement

April 23, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

We are excited to announce that we have integrated WeRoam’s 35.000 hotspots to our global WiFi footprint. WiFi Out credit will now allow you to connect to over 60.000 commercial hotspots around the world, such as Airpath in the United States, KPN in the Netherlands, Golden Telecom in Russia, and many more which you can see on our coverage maps.

Thanks to Whisher, connecting to WiFi everywhere is no longer an expensive and cumbersome experience!

For more details, you can check out our press release.

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Whisher for Symbian S60 is here!

April 17, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

You can now use your Nokia N95, N82, E61 or any other WiFi enabled Nokia phone to connect to commercial hotspots or Whisher shared hotspots around the world. Following our philosphy of integrating instead of introducing a new user experience, we have turned Whisher into a plugin for the Nokia WiFi menu.

How does it work?

Simply start your web browser or any other application that connects to the Internet, and you will see “1Click Whisher” in the connection menu. Select it to see which signals are compatible! The Whisher logo shows Whisher shared hotspots, the $ logo shows commercial hotspots.

Symbian Screenshot

In addition to the connection, we added some other cool features:

  • Automatic connection: chose this option to let the Whisher plugin automatically chose the best available network. When you chose the “1Click Whisher” signal, it will scan for WiFi networks in the vicinity and connect automatically.
  • Virtual Signal: You can set up “1Click Whisher” as the default access point in all applications. With the automatic mode, it will allow you to connect in a seamless way, without having to care about hunting for WiFi.

To download the Whisher plugin, simply point your mobile phone to - the installation will start automatically. If you want to download the installation file to your computer instead, you can visit our download page, where you will also find versions of the Whisher plugin for Windows and Mac. If you are a first time user, you can create a new account by registering here, or if you already have an account for one of our desktop plugins, you can use it on your Nokia too.

Free WiFi for beta testers!

The product is still in beta and we are looking for feedbacks and bug reports. If you want to be a beta tester, we will give you free WiFi at all our partner hotspots in exchange. If you are interested, please send us an email to with “Nokia Beta Testing” in the subject line.

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Whisher nominated as Red Herring 100 Europe Finalist!!!

March 26, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

Red Herring today announced that Whisher was named a Finalist of Red Herring 100 Europe, an award given to the top 100 private technology companies based in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region each year.

We’re thrilled to be given this recognition and are looking forward to continue working hard to make Whisher even better and worthy of higher awards.

Whisher was already finalist in CNET’s Webware 100 awards and proudly listed as one of the Top Ten Startups to watch by Laptop Magazine.

Whisher is Red Herring 100 Europe finalist

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Today we explain - My Account

March 14, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

If you have an account with us, you can now login on the ‘My Account’ section of the Whisher website, from where you can manage your shared hotspots, buy WiFi Out credit, check the connections you have made, and more. You can click on the images we use below for larger, full-size versions.

My Account

To access your account, simply sign in by clicking on the link at the top right on the Whisher site:

Editing your profile

If you want to edit your personal profile (we only ask you for a username and email address when you create your account), simply click the ‘Edit your profile’ link, which will bring you to this page:


Simply add or change any missing field, and click ‘Apply changes’. You will now be able to buy WiFi Out credit without us asking for your billing details every time. The currency you choose here will be used throughout the Whisher website and plugin.

WiFi Out Sessions

Every time you visit a commercial hotspot (we will support viewing your sessions at shared hotspots soon), the session details are recorded and shown to you in this section. You can see when the session started, its duration and cost.

WiFi Out Purchases

As with WiFi Out Sessions, here we show you every credit purchase you make.

Shared Hotspots

A feature we have been getting many requests for, you can now edit all your shared hotspots from one central location. Change their name, welcome message, the icon that appears on the online maps, and even change sharing mode between public and private!


As you can see, we have been working really hard over the last few weeks to make Whisher even better, easier to understand, and user-friendly, without sacrificing our core values, easy WiFi sharing and simple, 1-Click connectivity. As always, comments, suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome!

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Beta testers wanted! - get free WiFi in exchange

February 29, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

We need beta testers for our Windows XP and Mac WiFi plugins. We will give away WiFi Out credit, so that you can connect for free at thousands of commercial hotspots all around the world, including the best hotel chains, airports, coffee shops and so on. We are literally everywhere, thanks to our roaming agreements with operators like Swisscom, BT Openzone, AT&T, Wayport, and many more.

Please take a look at our coverage maps, and if you’re ready to check how easy it is to connect to those hotspots around you, just send us an email at info at whisher dot com.

WiFi Out is like Skype Out, but instead of voice minutes it gives you WiFi access minutes. It works as a plugin, which embeds nicely into your operating system, and allows automatic access to both commercial hotspots and shared hotspots (those contributed by the people).

We look forward to giving you truly free WiFi!

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The New Whisher has arrived, now with WiFi Out!

February 20, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

After several months gathering feedback and reactions from our users, we decided to give Whisher a face lift, include the best ideas, and offer an improved, simplified WiFi experience.

So, what’s different?

Whisher is now a plugin instead of a standalone application. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Users already know how to use WiFi. Whisher is now completely integrated into the operating system, adding the WiFi Sharing and WiFi Out features.

WiFi Out

WiFi Out? What is that?

In a few words, 1-Click access to commercial hotspots. Whisher now allows you to get online at more than 60.000 commercial hotspots around the world. It includes WiFi providers like BT Openzone, Orange, AT&T and many more. You can access them all with a unique credit: WiFi Out. Once you have purchased WiFi Out credit, you can simply go to the Starbucks around the corner and connect for a few minutes to check your mail. You don’t need to have a subscription or pay a minimum fee. With WiFi Out, if you don’t connect, you don’t pay!

We are looking for some motivated users in Europe and North America who would like to help us improve the brand new Whisher, for example, by testing WiFi Out, or helping us with bugs that may crop up. In exchange you will get free WiFi at all our commercial locations. If you are interested, send us an email with your details.

What about WiFi sharing?

WiFi sharing is still at the core of the new Whisher. You can contribute to the largest free WiFi network in the world, by registering your home WiFi with Whisher. As always, you can stop sharing at anytime with a single mouse click, and your connection remains encrypted and secure!

Any Mac love?

The Mac version is almost ready, and it will be launched very soon! Most of us at the office are Mac users, so we watch our Windows-toting peers with envy. The developer in charge is on a strict diet of cornflakes, and locked in a filing cabinet until he finishes it.

So is that it?

Not at all! In a few weeks, we will launch mobile Whisher plugin - watch this space. The developers in charge of this version are on an even stricter diet.

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