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Whisher update - new XP WiFi plugin available

September 9, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

It has taken a few weeks, but finally we have a new release of the XP plugin with a brand new driver which fixes many of the issues our users have been seeing. These issues could cause crashes or connectivity problems, but we’re excited to report that the new driver is working very well. Due to this driver update, some users may see the WiFi manager appear to freeze while connecting to a network, this should be fixed in the next few days. The manager is not actually freezing, it’s just the GUI not refreshing. Download the new version here. As always, feel free to get in touch with us if you spot a bug, or would like to see something changed!

Beta testers wanted! - get free WiFi in exchange

February 29, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

We need beta testers for our Windows XP and Mac WiFi plugins. We will give away WiFi Out credit, so that you can connect for free at thousands of commercial hotspots all around the world, including the best hotel chains, airports, coffee shops and so on. We are literally everywhere, thanks to our roaming agreements with operators like Swisscom, BT Openzone, AT&T, Wayport, and many more.

Please take a look at our coverage maps, and if you’re ready to check how easy it is to connect to those hotspots around you, just send us an email at info at whisher dot com.

WiFi Out is like Skype Out, but instead of voice minutes it gives you WiFi access minutes. It works as a plugin, which embeds nicely into your operating system, and allows automatic access to both commercial hotspots and shared hotspots (those contributed by the people).

We look forward to giving you truly free WiFi!

The New Whisher has arrived, now with WiFi Out!

February 20, 2008 posted by Mike Puchol

After several months gathering feedback and reactions from our users, we decided to give Whisher a face lift, include the best ideas, and offer an improved, simplified WiFi experience.

So, what’s different?

Whisher is now a plugin instead of a standalone application. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Users already know how to use WiFi. Whisher is now completely integrated into the operating system, adding the WiFi Sharing and WiFi Out features.

WiFi Out

WiFi Out? What is that?

In a few words, 1-Click access to commercial hotspots. Whisher now allows you to get online at more than 60.000 commercial hotspots around the world. It includes WiFi providers like BT Openzone, Orange, AT&T and many more. You can access them all with a unique credit: WiFi Out. Once you have purchased WiFi Out credit, you can simply go to the Starbucks around the corner and connect for a few minutes to check your mail. You don’t need to have a subscription or pay a minimum fee. With WiFi Out, if you don’t connect, you don’t pay!

We are looking for some motivated users in Europe and North America who would like to help us improve the brand new Whisher, for example, by testing WiFi Out, or helping us with bugs that may crop up. In exchange you will get free WiFi at all our commercial locations. If you are interested, send us an email with your details.

What about WiFi sharing?

WiFi sharing is still at the core of the new Whisher. You can contribute to the largest free WiFi network in the world, by registering your home WiFi with Whisher. As always, you can stop sharing at anytime with a single mouse click, and your connection remains encrypted and secure!

Any Mac love?

The Mac version is almost ready, and it will be launched very soon! Most of us at the office are Mac users, so we watch our Windows-toting peers with envy. The developer in charge is on a strict diet of cornflakes, and locked in a filing cabinet until he finishes it.

So is that it?

Not at all! In a few weeks, we will launch mobile Whisher plugin - watch this space. The developers in charge of this version are on an even stricter diet.

Whisher released - now with Twitter auto-updates!

October 15, 2007 posted by Mike Puchol

It’s here at last! The latest Whisher for Windows release is now available for download, with the following changes and fixes:

New features:

Fixes and updates:

  • The signals list could be corrupted on the login screen in some cases.
  • Various memory leaks and race conditions.
  • Startup time improved.
  • Refresh the Twitter feed after a service failure.
  • Special characters in the file name caused the shared list to not be broadcast.
  • Improved copy & paste in the chat window.
  • Various GUI inconsistencies.
  • Automated FON login has been improved.

There are plenty other bug fixes and tweaks, too minor to list here, but we’d like to thank all the beta testers and users who have reported their experiences and issues to us, it helps us make Whisher better every day.

New Twitter WiFi updates!

September 7, 2007 posted by Mike Puchol

A new cool Twitter feature for Whisher will be released in a couple of days. Every time you change your WiFi location and/or status, Whisher will automatically post an update to Twitter with the name and location where you are connected. For example, you get to the office, open your laptop, and Whisher goes online - since Whisher knows where you are, it will post an update to Twitter automatically.


Obviously you will have the option to disable this feature in your preferences. Isn’t this a great way to let everybody know where to find good WiFi connections, while letting them know what you are doing? We’d love to hear about other things you would like to see in these automated updates - this is just the beginning!

Our Beta Testers will be able to use this new feature as of today, and as soon as they give us the OK will pass it on to all of you.

Whisher 2.0 is finally here!

September 4, 2007 posted by Mike Puchol

download.pngWe’ve made it! Whisher 2.0 is now available for download here, in our super cool new site. Right now Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux versions are available…and hopefully Windows Vista by next Friday - Microsoft makes it very hard for developers on their shiny new OS.

What’s new? Well, a lot, which is the main reason why we haven’t had summer holidays this year…but it was worth it!

First of all the application is much more stable than previous versions. There are still minor issues to fix, and the occasional crash, but we are counting on the precious help of our active beta testers team to solve them. Secondly, we have pretty exciting new features, the most remarkable being:

  • Guided process for easy and automatic WiFi sharing, WiFi tagging and connectivity to other hotspot networks.
  • Integration of multiple instant messaging platforms: GoogleTalk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AIM, all integrated in the same interface.
  • Twitter: yes, you can also send and receive tweets directly on Whisher. We’re not completely sure, as there always seems to be some hidden lab somewhere working on pretty much anything, but this is probably the first cross platform Twitter application ever.
  • Catch up with your friends: check your online address books and find out if your friends are already on Whisher, and optionally invite them if they are missing out on the fun.
  • Better usability on the online coverage maps; have fun seeing how Whisher spreads all over the world. We bet you to find a country without Whisher presence.

On top of all this, geolocation of buddies, notification balloons, sounds, LAN support, faster file transfer…we’ve added so much that we encourage you to download the software and join us in the effort of creating The World’s Largest Free WiFi Network.

Said all this, we wish you a nice WiFi experience and very much look forward to your feedback.

The Whisher Team.

Get the Whisher wallpapers!

June 22, 2007 posted by Mike Puchol

Today, our graphic designers sent a nice surprise our way - a set of wallpapers for our computers. We think they are pretty cool, and so we are making them available for you to download.

There are two designs, the Smiley and the Wink - pick your favorite in three different resolutions.

Smile Click the link below to download for your screen resolution:

1024×768 JPG
1440×960 JPG
1680×1050 JPG

Wink Click the link below to download for your screen resolution:

1024×768 JPG
1440×960 JPG
1680×1050 JPG

Whisher in Laptop Magazine’s Ten Tech Startups to Watch

April 20, 2007 posted by Mike Puchol

We are honored to have been picked as one of the ten Tech Startups to Watch by Laptop Magazine, the leading publication related to mobile computing and connectivity. Quoting the article on Laptop’s website:

Whether they’re creating new products or redefining the technologies we already use, these ten companies are working on improving the way we learn, compute, and communicate. Their names probably won’t ring a bell, but we guarantee that what they’re doing will get you excited about the future of technology. We’ll introduce you to a company that wants to make quid pro quo Wi-Fi sharing the norm, a company that will deliver your voicemail as text messages, and a company that wants to sync and update all of your gadgets simultaneously. Read now and remember their names: We’re sure this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from them.

This year will be very exciting, with plenty of movement, ideas and announcements in the WiFi space, so stay tuned!

New release of the Windows client available

February 19, 2007 posted by Mike Puchol

It has taken a few days longer than expected, but we wanted to iron out some last-minute bugs that had been reported, and release a more solid version. We don’t think most people enjoy updating their software every two days!

This is the list of fixes and changes in the 2007-02-19 release:

  • Fixed problems with presence at local group in chat window.
  • Blinking tab in taskbar when new message arives.
  • Special characters in chat messages are now allowed.
  • The server connection is now kept alive every 10 minutes, preventing random logouts.
  • Presence problem in chat groups when an previous member reenters has been fixed.
  • Fixed automatic connection (with auto-login checked) to an AP in private mode.
  • Login process speed has been improved.
  • Various minor revisions and changes in the GUI.
  • Fixed transient non-Whisher status for registered or tagged APs, between no
  • connection and internet available instances.
  • Non blocker search buddy mechanism + limitation of result number when searching for all.
  • WPA has been tested on a variety of access points and routers, and found to work.
  • Access points with SSID length greater than 30 characters can now be registered.
  • Fixed “deny friendship” message on destination buddy logout.
  • Fixed regular expressions in chat messages, URLs are now always recognized and clickable.
  • Copy/paste text from/into chat window has been implemented.
  • Maximize button for all resizable windows has been added (thanks AustinTX for the suggestion).
  • Fixed local storage update after unregistering/untagging an AP.
  • AP connection process now uses the keys in the right order and does not retry with the same stored keys upon failure.
  • Fixed problem with commenter’s identity in guestbook comments.
  • Offline messages timestamp changed to GMT (server time), this will be adapted to the client timezone in a future release.
  • Email address is no longer diplayed in user profiles.
  • Enabling wireless adapters method has been improved.
  • The installer now copies the required files specific for Windows 2000 (thanks to those who reported this and helped identify a fix).
  • Various Online Maps improvements and Javascript errors solved.

Since we use Qt to keep versions across operating systems synchronized, the fixes that affect the common code base will be applied also the Mac and Linux (soon to be released) versions. The reason we are not releasing a Mac update is that we are waiting for a set of APIs from Apple which will allow us to make WPA much more stable. We’d like to sincerely thank Apple for the support they are offering us in this project!

To update Whisher, simply download it again, run the installer, which will uninstall the previous version and install the updated one.

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